Croatian Startup Competition Rules
1. Timeline and Duration

- 28/02 First deadline
- 10/03 Call Closing
- 17/03 Finalists announcement

2. Promoter
The company which promotes the initiative is Search On Media Group S.r.l.
Operational Headquarters: via dei Mille, 3 - 40121 Bologna, VAT 02418200800 - Share Capital 10.000€ Phone: (+39) 051 09 51 294 - Email: 
The event is organised in collaboration with the Italian-Croatian Chamber of Commerce (CCIC).
3. Goals
Both WMF and the Italian-Croatian Chamber of Commerce aim at encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship internationally, enhancing economic growth and social development. The Croatian Startup Competition is therefore organised to pinpoint and also promote innovative digital projects and to give a concrete support to innovative startups in an international environment.
4. How to Participate
Send your request by filling out the form with the following pieces of information:
Name of the project;
Description of the project;
5. The Competition

At the end of the selection process, a dedicated team of WMF and CCIC professionals will choose 10 startups who will have the opportunity to present their innovative projects at the Startup Competition of the WMF International Roadshow event in Croatia, through a 3-minute speech. Following the presentation, the public will have 3 minutes to ask for further clarification. The audience will then express their preference through an online voting system, evaluating:

Skills and knowledge of the team;
Feasibility of the project;
Product/service development stage;
Level of innovation and defensibility of the same;  
Competitive context and positioning;
Current market needs;
Business potential of the idea;
Clarity of the speech.

6. Awards

The Startup Competition will have three winners.

3rd and 2nd classified will have free access to the following WMF in Italy (free access for the whole team). They will directly access the "Startup Stage" - an area entirely dedicated to startups - where they will be able to pitch in front of the most important European investors. These investors can set up prizes to reward promising startups.

1st classified will be granted free access to the following WMF in Italy (free access for the whole team) with a dedicated Booth within the Startup District, the Innovation Expo Area of the Festival. It will also have direct access to the "Startup Stage" - an area entirely dedicated to Startups - where it will be able to pitch in front of major European investors. These investors can set up prizes to reward promising startups.

Winner Startups from the Startup Competition Croatia will also have the chance to access to the Italian Startup Competition, competing against Startups from all over the world. The 6 selected Finalists selected within the Italian Startup Competition will pitch on the WMF Mainstage. The winner will be rewarded on the Mainstage during the Award Ceremony (prizes until today had a total value of about 2 million euros).

7. The Promoter
The promoter reserves the right to contact winners and any third parties included in its list of addresses.
8. Decree 430/1
In accordance with Article 6 of the Presidential Decree 430/01, this initiative cannot be considered a prize contest. The competition was conceived for projects or studies that belong to an industrial context, in which the award consists of the recognition of personal merit and other benefits.
9. Responsabilities
No liability can be accepted by the promoter for the awarding of prizes. Should the contest not be carried out as foreseen, the promoter reserves the right, at its complete discretion, to modify or cancel it, without this resulting in any responsibility for the promoter. To participate in the initiative, it is not necessary to purchase any products sold by the promoter. Participation is free of charge.
10. Applicable Rules

The initiative is regulated according to Italian law.

Bologna, 22/02/2022