WMF International Roadshow - Croatia

CROATIA 31-03-2022 / ZAGREB

  • STARTUP competition

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The Global Journey stops in Croatia

Raised from the desire of creating an international network to enhance Digital & Social Innovation, WMF has created the WMF International Roadshow Events - satellite events that will take place all over the world - reaching out to 5 Continents - to boost global cooperation. 

Zagreb (Croatia) is a WMF International Roadshow Event created by WMF in collaboration with the Italian-Croatian Chamber of Commerce (CCIC).

The event aims at spreading digital innovation culture while boosting entrepreneurship worldwide - companies, startups, entrepreneurs, digital professionals and people passionate about innovation and digital transformation will gather together in an event that features educational sessions, entertainment, a startup competition and much more.

Italian-Croatian Chamber of Commerce

On may 11st 2014, in Zagreb, in collaboration with the Italian Embassy in Zagreb and the Italian Trade & Investment Agency (ITA), the Committee of the Italian Entrepreneurs in Croatia (Associazione degli Imprenditori Italiani in Croazia - AIIC) was founded and legally recognised in Croatia as a non-for-profit legal entity.
In 2018 it adopted a new name: the Italian-Croatian Chamber of Commerce (CCIC) and started a path towards membership in the network of Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad.

Its main purposes are:

  • The development and improvement of the entrepreneurial relationships between Italian and Croatian entrepreneurs

  • Enhancement of the cooperation between companies, local entities and state authorities in Croatia

  • Promotion of the economic, cultural and trade collaboration between Italy and Croatia.

The Italian Trade & Investment Agency (ICE)

ITA - Italian Trade Agency is the Governmental agency that supports the business development of our companies abroad and promotes the attraction of foreign investment in Italy. With a motivated and modern organization and a widespread network of overseas offices, ITA provides information, assistance, consulting, promotion and training to Italian small and medium-sized businesses. Using the most modern multi-channel promotion and communication tools, it acts to assert the excellence of Made in Italy in the world.