Search On Media Group

Search On Media Group Srl is a company born from the ideas of Cosmano Lombardo, Giorgio Taverniti and Andrea Pernici. Aiming to understand and properly use technology and disruptive digital tools introduced by technological innovation, the three decided to found a company capable of using technological tools to create a positive socio-economic impact.

Education, Consulting and Networking are Search On Media Groups' core businesses - the group constantly undertakes to find and offer innovative solutions and approaches to be provided to all the stakeholders interested in generating value through the use of digital technologies.

Search On Media Group aims at boosting cooperation among entities operating in the Italian market and abroad, merging together educational and consulting goals, promoting Digital & Social Innovation, spreading digital knowledge and creating a strong international network.

To achieve this pioneering goal the group carries out educational and professional events and projects throughout the Italian peninsula, involving companies, startups, research centres, institutions, schools, NPOs and many more.

WMF - We Make Future

The company's leading project is the WMF - an educational, cultural and innovation accelerator that soon became the biggest Festival about Digital & Social Innovation in Europe.

The first WMF edition was carried out back in 2013 - a one day event organised in Rome. Over the years the company gained more and more experience, enhancing its reputation and widening its network. Today WMF hosts more than 24 thousands attendees and addresses social and digital innovation topics such as: sustainability, education, research, digital transformation, health, accessibility, entrepreneurship and many more.

In 2020, WMF has decided to create international satellite events to spread Digital & Social Innovation worldwide, aiming at creating an international network. Partnering with foreign partners in several Countries - reaching out to 5 Continents - WMF will carry out the WMF International Roadshow, where education (on digital topics), inspiring talks and entertainment will merge together.