Women in Tech

Share your experience in tech at the Worldwide Event Croatia

CROATIA 31-03-2022 / ZAGREB

  • STARTUP competition

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The fact that women are under-represented in many fields, as in technology and science, is a major problem that must be addressed. 

The study "Women in the Digital Age", carried out by the European Commission in 2018 highlights how gender inequity among the digital sector is worsening. One woman out of four men has studied ICT-related topics. This gap becomes considerably larger when taking into account the low percentage of women who go on to pursue a career in ICT.

The Worldwide Event Croatia, as every WMF Event, is committed to promoting gender equality and inclusion in tech, in order to build a more inclusive tech industry. To fight against inequality, we want to promote and pinpoint female talents in the digital realm. This is why we have decided to launch a call for "Women in Tech". 

If you would like to share your experience in Tech with us, talk about what has inspired you or bring meaningful contents to motivate the audience, let us know by filling up the form.